The THON™ 2023 Alumni Campaigns Teams is asking all PSU alumni to help us write Dancer Mail for THON Weekend 2023! Dancer mail is written for dancers to open during THON Weekend and serve as a source of encouragement and support for them. These letters are crucial for the well-being of our dancers and help them succeed at completing the 46 hours of the no-sitting, no-sleeping dance marathon.

Please write letters gender neutrally, as your mail could go to any of our 700 dancers!
Share a personal THON Weekend story, reasons why you THON, etc.
Be uplifting, supporting, and encouraging.
Share any advice you may have for the dancer(s).
We suggest ½ to a full page in length, but letters can be longer if you would like.

Here is an example of a Final Template.

Submit Dancer Mail

Alumni Mail Call

Thank you for your support of the Penn State Dance Marathon. Together, we are taking steps toward a cure for childhood cancer.